Khosrow and Shirin

Khosrow surprises Shirin bathing, Ispahan ou Baghbad (Turkmenistan), seventeenth century. Image from the Khamseh (5 Poems) of Nezami. Simply a masterpiece of Persian miniature. Read below.

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Dominique Clévenot, art historian, explains :


Khosrow, motionless, his finger on his lips, trying to remember this moment stolen, fleeting moment of vision.

But what exactly is the purpose of this vision? Is this the only Shirin, who, almost naked, ignore the look of Khosrow as it ignores ours? Or is it also the surrounding landscape, with flowers, trees inhabited by birds and rocks inflated with life ? Shirin's bath is actually an immersion in nature. This perfect agreement between the woman and the landscape is expressed by the fluid motion that innervates the entire painting, connecting all the elements together. The creek hugs the rocks. The attitude of Shirin extends the shape of the curved maple that stands behind her. The tree itself, which follows the movements of the rocky barrier, is echoed in the young cherry blossom. The black horse rounds the spine to a tuft of grass to graze, meanwhile, the red stain clothes that Shirin has thrown on the branch of the tree. All these correspondences between the mineral and vegetable, between animals and people, contribute to unite the elements that constitute the world into an organic whole and alive. This fusion between man and nature can be understood as the pictorial equivalent of countless metaphors in the text of Nizami where Shirin is compared to the moon, the ermine, the pearl, etc.. The solid maple and the delicate cherry are they not themselves the metaphor of Khosrow-Shirin? But more importantly, this merger is living expression of love of nature developed by the Persians: a poetic sentiment impregnated by pantheism. Heir of the Mazdean gnosis of ancient Persia, Iran Muslim sees indeed in the terrestrial world, the replica material of a surreal world, a world of pure visuality ('alam al-Mithal). It is this "land of light" that ignores shadows and color degradation, that the Persian miniature offers us. " 

  • Nombre de pièces : 1000
  • Taille : 48 X 68 cm.


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