Couple on a terrace at night

Couple on a terrrace on the night of Shab-barat. The Rajput painting excel in describing intimate moments full of charm and sophistication. Here, on a marble terrace, an embracing couple sharing beautiful moments of complicity in love on a lovely night illuminated by golden fireworks.

Mughal School, Faizabad, 1765

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1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle ; assembled puzzle : 48 X 68 cm.

An Indian prince is lying at night with a young woman on the terrace of a palace. On the right, a marble pavilion and a golden jharoka (balcony). In the background, beyond a river where a boat is floating, a fireworks illuminates the sky. The whole scene is illuminated with lanterns, candlesticks and candles on roofs and railings, which suggests that it is the Muslim festival Shab-i barat commemorating the night of the 14th lunar month of Sha'ban, but it can also be the festival of lights (diwali), celebrated at the end of asvina and early karttika (between September and October), a very popular subject in provincial pictorial art Mughal schools. This miniature close to several works of the of Muhammad Shah (reigning 1719-1748) is probably the work of an artist trained by Govardhan II.

  • Nombre de pièces : 1000
  • Taille : 48 X 68 cm.


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