The Crow addresses to the animals

Jigsaw puzzle, 500 pieces. The Crow addresses the animals. A beautiful Indian miniature of the 17th century, attributed to the great artist Miskin. This jigsaw puzzle with vivid colors will please children as well as adults. Once assembled and framed, it will become a beautiful painting decorating your living room with a special taste.

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The Crow addresses to the animals, Mughal miniature attributed to Miskin, around AD 1600, gouache on paper

A throng of creatures from the earth, sea and air gathers around a rocky outcrop to listen to the wise crow, perched on the peak. Among them are dragons, cheetahs, crocodiles, vultures, frogs, scorpions and a simurgh (a mythical bird). This may be an episode from the popular fable of the crows and the owls, whose enmity begins when a crow speaks out against the election of an owl as the leader of the animals.

Animal fables, in which animals enact stories with moral endings, were a traditional and entertaining way to teach young princes the elements of wise statecraft and the pitfalls of human nature. The Mughal emperor Akbar (reigned 1556-1605) was particularly fond of the genre, and ordered an illustrated copy of one such collection called Anvar-i Suhayli ('Lights of Canopus'). He later commissioned a simpler version of the same stories for his young sons, `Iyar-i Danesh ('Pearls of Wisdom').


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